Distant Reiki in Long Form

  • Like above first create attitude for gratitude and speak the pre-decided sentences.
  • Close your eyes and imagine your partner covered with white light. With Reiki giving intension, keep your hand on that part on which you want to give Reiki to your partner and imagine that he is getting the Reiki.
  • First Procedure: Send Reiki on keeping hands on 24 points on your body imagining that part of your partner’s part of the body.
  • Second Procedure: Send Reiki through your thighs assuming the Right Thigh to his front portion and the Left Thigh to his Back portion.

Note: After completing the front side Reiki, balance the energy by drawing anti-clockwise circle once with your finger. Now start giving Reiki to left Thigh and balance energy with both hands after finishing. Now stroke three times from top to bottom and if there is diabetes, give the bottom to top strokes.

  • Third Procedure: Send Reiki with the person’s photo or on toy imagining the partner.
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