Health Improvement By Nature Cure

Learn importance of Natural Healing in today’s strenuous, hurried and worried life and polluted environment; where we have forgotten the importance of Natural laws.

Learn to eliminate wrong living habits, irregular daily routine. improper dietary habits, lack of exercise, excessive and indiscriminative medication even for minor health problems, which are the causes of the disease.

This course is all about to improve and maintain the health naturally.

Course very much tells about the basic good practices for health and home remedies which you can use immediately without any hesitation and lessen the use of other medication.Health In Hand

  • Basic Requirements
    • No Special Requirements
  • What to Get From This Course
    • Over 25 lectures and 5 hours of content!
    • By the end of the Course, you will be able to understand that how natural resources are used scientifically for a good health.
    • You will learn to customize the health plan for you and for your family.
    • Your kitchen will now be a medical store. Spices, Vegetable, Fruits, Herbs, etc. will now be medicines.
    • A Ready Reckoner Chart will Guide you for instant solution on particular problem.
    • You will learn few yogasans to stay fit.
  • Target Audience
    • All persons who are health conscious
    • Any person experiencing challenge in his/her health.
    • Parents who want to learn their children good lifestyle.
    • Aspiring Healer
  • Time Limits of Membership
    • No Limits.
    • Lifetime Access
  • Price
    • Rs.1599/-
  • Other Features
    • Redeem A Coupan
    • Gift The Course
    • Bulk Purchase
    • Certificate Of Completion


Course Curriculum


Start Learning Now!


Presentations created thoroughly with elaborate description for learning efficiently.

Videos with voice for a classroom experience has been prepared for better understanding. An online certificate will be provided on completion of the course.


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