The Mount Of Saturn:

Qualities = reserve, melancholy, seriousness.


Positive – (Dec.21 – Jan 20th – 27th)

Chief characteristics – love of solitude, prudence, quiet determination, study of serious somber things, belief in fatalism.


A complete absence – more or less frivolous way of looking at life, while an exaggeration – exaggeration of all the qualities.


People have strong will force & mentality but feel exceptionally lonely and isolated. They have independence of thought & action & also detest being under restraint of others.


For kindness & sympathy, they will do almost anything but have strange ideas of love & duty & for this they attempt to penetrate their isolation. Have deeply devotional nature not only in religious & make every effort to do good. They feel responsibilities of life too heavily & often become despondent & gloomy.


Negative – (Jan 21st – Feb 18th – Feb 25th)

People are same as positive type but things are more mentally than physically. They are more sensitive & very easily to be really happy. They make loyal, true friends & can sacrifice for sake of their friends. But they take keen interest in meetings & large gatherings of public. They love theatres, concerts & places of amusement.

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