Monkeys are admired in the East for much the same reason as in the West except that along with an appreciation of the monkey’s naughtiness there is also recognition of the creature ‘s natural wisdom. People born in Monkey years share many of the creature’s charismatic qualities.

Whatever their ages, true Monkeys are always young at hearts. They love pranks and tricks and riddles and are never happier than when performing before the audience. There is a strong element of the show-off in the Monkey personality but nobody minds because Monkeys are such fun to have around.

These people are social animals and are light hearted in nature. Sombre events are simply not the Monkey’s forte and when things get too serious, these people get naughty. They attract a great many friend too because of their ebullient nature. Monkeys are so attractive that they have dashing interests.

On negative side, they are also said to be self centered and opportunistic. Monkeys get on well with most signs. The best combinations are with Tiger and Pig people.

Monkey is ambitious in yielding money, power and success. Keenly optimistic and intelligent, but practical on the same note, the Monkey will not dote energy and resources on untimely prospects. A born strategist, the Monkey is valued by many for the competency, versatility and charisma luckily bestowed on the chosen few.

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