Vaastu Defects

Most of the Vaastu defects or violators will produce negative energies. If the balance of the energy in a place is disturbed and negative energy increases, harmful effects are produced in the individuals living in that place.
The problem with most houses is not defective vaastu but negative radiations produced by various sources and building materials including many electrical equipments in use.
Any modifications or changes made to correct Vaastu defects should change the energy levels of the rooms, houses or plots. The only real benefit of the changes will affect the people living there.

As per Vaastu Havana, lighting the lamps, Mantras, Yantras, Japas are modifications for neutralising negative radiations. But, these are very delicate arts and sciences and must be done under the guidance of an expert “Vaastu Pandit” only.
Major defects like Salyadosh and North East cut and others cannot be cured and their effects can be minimised only. Vaastu and Astrology should be integrated to combat the defects of Vaastu.

Remedial Measures to these defects.

The defects as highlighted are cured using a number of ways:
1. Mirrors of variety
2. Plants of specific quality
3. Lights of different lumens
4. Fountains & water flow directions
5. Wind chimes & Flutes (Air Flow Technology) Air Mechanism
6. Colors in Interiors & Exteriors
7. Building Materials of different quality
8. Crystal balls and many crystal objects

Mirrors represent a doubling of revenues for business. They are also used to extend the cut off corners so that the effect established appears to be recreated. Reflective mirrors and Begua mirrors are most sought after.
Special mirrors like Pa-Kua mirrors are very powerful tools to counter evil effects, however, these mirrors must be used under able guidance of a Feng Shui Master.

Specific Plants can resolve design imbalances of the structure such as acute room angles, cut off, extended, elaborated oblonged corner or unusual storage spaces.

The use of lights is another effective method of correcting imbalances of the area associated with irregular shapes. Light creates balances and harmony within the surroundings. Crystal chandeliers are also excellent when used in the home/ offices.
Water represents wealth, abundance, prosperity and riches. by placing water fountains on water element directions, it enhances family happiness, achieving human relationships, prosperity for the inmates.By arranging water flow in the garden, wealth is attracted and it will be capturing the dragon’s cosmic breath and the energy of Vaastu Purusha Mandala, thereby attracting abundant good health, wealth and enormous prosperity can be achievedto the inmates.
Wind chimes have a quality to disperse the stagnated energy in the surroundings and this technique can be used in the imbalances protruded angles where the structural alterations cannot be carried out. Wind chimes have a quality to intensify new career opportunities and it creates spiritual vibrations, hence it will also enhance new business opportunities.

The choice of colours can help to create a smooth atmosphere for living in harmony with the surroundings. It can be applied by creative colour schemes.
In olden days, buildings were constructed with mud, brick, stone, wood, lime, mortar, etc. All these materials are generally considered neutral. But present day constructions are made with steel, cement, brick, marble, stone, granite, glass, etc. Some of these are positive and some are negative energy radiators. Use of these materials should be done under the expert guidance of a Vaastu practitioner.

Objects of crystal have very powerful clarityto the thoughts. Crystal balls, flower vase and table ware enjoy top priority in the world due to high positive energy radiation.

There is a solution to each of the problems faced by inmates due to Vaastu defects, but solution has to be prescribed and carried out by utilizing an integrated method and practices of Geo-biology, Astrology and modern cure through an experienced practitioner. Vaastu principles are aimed towards making balances and teaching human beings to live in harmony with nature. In our city life, Vaastu has become all the more important as it guides us how to live a better life in harmony with our surroundings by arranging our environment.

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