GEMINI is an air sign, ruled by Mercury, whose symbol is the twin.

Two Geminis may occasionally block each other’s vision of life but they understand each other’s need for freedom. When a pair of twins tangle their temperaments, things do get criss-crossed. This combination brings with it the unique satisfaction of knowing a person like oneself. The sky’s the limit for creative breakthroughs, scientific discoveries, intellectual attainment, material security, emotional happiness and harmony.

Both Cancer and Gemini are good talkers, are intelligent have vivid imaginations and are inclined to display emotions in public. In a relationship, Gemini is not inclined to cling while the crab is. When the sensitive crab retreats into its shell, the Gemini knows just how to draw it out again.

The twins and Leo are intuitive about each other. The twins and Leo are intuitive about each other. Naturally inclined to friendship, the big cats may often not be very patient with Gemini’s changeability or tendency to speed through life. In the best of situations for Leo and Geminies are fast is not always best or right. But with the kind of and glibness the twins possess, they make excellent lion tamers too!

There is an appealing magical quality in Gemini that attracts and excites the more timid Virgo and that is often enough to make their relationship permanently intriguing. Despite their differences they share a curiosity, an uncommon intelligence and a     graceful manner which allows them to skip having the tough life.

Like trapeze artists at the circus, the relationship between a Gemini and a Libran can be both dazzling and dizzying. Since Librans can never make up their minds and the twins are constantly changing theirs, it’s hard to predict what will happen but Geminis love a mental challenge and Librans give it to them. Both would be happier if they tried feeling more and thinking less.

The twins may never meet a Scorpio without a third person introducing them. They don’t normally have enough in common to feel any vibrations across a room. But when they do meet, the relationship, whether friendly, business or emotional will consist of much devotion (from the Scorpian) and that’s when they create misty dreams together.

When the twins and a Sagittarian get together, they either admire each other’s trait or try to imitate them or fear and envy each other’s qualities. That’s because each possesses the qualities the other would like to cultivate. But often the two will speak to each other’s minds and hearts, reaching out to each other, recognizing that they’re opposites, but seeking completeness in each other.

Self sacrifice is bound to be present in a relationship between a Gemini and a Capricorn. The serious but kindly goat can supply a stable, calm and rational basis of emotional security that the twins find both comforting and necessary. The mountain goat’s dignified bearing naturally draws the restless twins who seek repose of the spirit more than they admit.

Gemini and Aquarius are ordinarily as compatible as a couple of bugs in a rug. They empathize, sympathize, philosophize and fraternize on the same wavelength and are not shaken by each other’s changeable moods and eccentricities. They can be a delightful pair.

They may not be much peace between the twins and Pisces but a happy compromise is also possible – if the twins communicate and express themselves better, and if the compassionate fish nearly always finds the time to listen with genuine interest to both the heartaches and the excitements. The fish has to feel needed just as the twins need and appreciative audience.













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