Yoga & Pranayam


Yoga is the preceptor of health and longevity, in this age of fuss and fray and bestows peace of mind and spirit. Hence it is mostly practiced and partaken for health and hygiene to strengthen body, invigorate mind and enlive spirit.

Yoga is drive from the root ‘Yuj’ in Sanskrit, means combine or unit as it combines body with mind as Patanjali, the great saint described in his Yoga that it amalgamates body with mind and spirit to evoke and enlive spiritual power into it.

The modern world is soaring towards the peaks of civilization, but is suffering with many diseases, ever new and never – known. This is because of loss of resistance or immunity which can be restored through, only means, Yoga; to make the body immune to all bacterial attack, like an energizer. By the bye pious character, sound body and profound intellect or temper can be built up through the scenic yoga.

Yoga Therapy : According to yoga, disease is the dissemblance of mind and body. This can be rectified through yoga therapy in three ways. 1.Diet. 2.Yoga.3. Proper understanding of Life.

The diet should be prescribed according to the need of the patient and the quality and utility of the food. The food which invigorates should be encouraged, while the vicious food be discouraged.

Yoga can be studied and practiced according to the health conditions of the person. Personal trend and tone will go a long way in building up the tune of body, mind and spirit. This will build up character, serene habits and self-respect.

The commandments:

Yoga should be practiced early in the morn, after answering the natural calls.

It should be done before break fast. Those who are unable to do without food-taking, they can practice it in the evening but after meals with a gap of 3 or 4 hours.

Yoga be performed on the floor or on bed-sheet or mat, not on a cushion. The room should be fully airy, and ventilated.

Do not wear tight clothes.

All the ornaments should be left off, even the wrist watch and necklace, too.

Avoid taking too much tea or coffee.

Intoxications are strictly prohibited.

Asans should be practiced with a small pause in between. Shavasana is best for refreshment.

Yoga is to be practiced from 4 minutes to one hour daily. One can do it twice a day, too.

Asanas: There are many asanas. Some of the uses for health are described here and prescribed as per the need of the hour.

1. Padmasana : It relieves pain in knee and ankle joints. It regulates the supply of blood to abdomen and the back-bone.

2.      Sarwangasan : The blood supply to thyroid and para-thyroid glands is regulated. The muscles of the neck and genetic orgnas are strengthened and revigourated. It is described as the alma medica for all diseases.

3.      Halasana : It relieves pain in arms, elbows and knees. Rejuvenates abdomen and back-bone.

4.      Bhujangasan : It is most useful for Aasthama patients. It builds up chest and strengthens the muscles of chest and back.

5.      Shalabhasan : It increases and regulates the blood supply to kidneys, urinary bladder and stomach. It vigourates the muscles of back and knees.

6.      Dhanurasan : The elasticity of the back-bone can be increased with it. The muscles of the abdomen will get vigor, and power.

7.      Mayurasan : It is useful for wrist, hand and elbows along with the muscles of abdomen.

8.      Shawasan : it relieves fatigue after the practices and gives rest and peace to mind and spirit. The blood pressure is well regulated with it.

Regular and proper way of practice of asanas is very much essential to realize good health of body and enlightenment of mind.

Caution :

1. Yoga is prohibited for one year after major operation and six months after minor operation.

2. Self-practice of Yoga with books is harmful. Practice with the help of a master or in a school of Yoga.

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