Distant Reiki in Short Form

  • First create attitude for gratitude & speak the pre-decided sentences for starting Reiki.
  • Close your eyes and imagine the person in the third-eye chakra (Agya Chakra), to whom you want to send Reiki and draw these three symbols in the imagination and speak them three times.
  • Imagine the person covered with white light in your Agya Chakra and write his name on that. Now draw the second and third symbols one time and speak three times for sending Reiki to the targeted place (diseased place) and give Reiki continuously for 5-10 minutes.
  • Lastly again imagine the person covered with white light and draw the three symbols once and speak thrice & finish to give Reiki. Now open your eyes slowly.

Uses of Short Form Reiki

Short Form Reiki is used in good intensions; achieve good health, for success and safety and in following matters:

  1. For parents, relatives and dearer ones.
  2. To children on their exams and in competitions.
  3. For planning a trip for yourself, friends and relatives.
  4. To yourself, your vehicle and roads before driving.
  5. In any type of meeting, occasion or situation.
  6. To the person who is going to die and to his relative for the easy death.
  7. To natural things for maintaining nature’s beauty.
  8. To any type of fear and getting a confidence.
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