Zodiac Houses


The different signs of the astrological system are divided into the different Houses of the Zodiac. These twelve heavenly houses of the Zodiac are often called “Palaces of the Sky”. At birth, each planet is in a sign, and both planet and sign are posited in a heavenly house.

The law governing the determination of name to the Houses of the Zodiac is as follows:-

The first house belongs to the first sign, which is Aries. The second house to Taurus. The third to Gemini, the fourth is Cancer. The fifth to Leo. The sixth Virgo. The seventh to Libra, the eighth to Scorpio. The ninth to Sagittarius, the tenth to Capricorn. The eleventh to Aquarius, and the twelfth to Pisces.

These houses and sign relationships are harmonious to each other, and the person who is born with the signs posited in their rightful houses is considered to be lucky. Since people are born in everyday of the year, and the constant journey of signs and planets is unceasing through the houses around the Zodiac, it is quite usual for births to occur in heavenly houses, harbouring at that moment, an antagonistic sign to that particular house. For this reason many lives carry a spirit of discord throughout the span. It is said that a lack of ability to accept and conform to the world we live in shows a poor quality of mind. Many of the people who cannot adjust themselves to their environment might be better able to do so had they an understanding of their natal horoscope.

These heavenly houses influence life in the following way:

At birth the signs and planets are posited in various houses. The atmosphere of the house blends with planet and sign to make an influence. In addition, the planets make what is known as aspects to each other. The house, as well as the sign and planet, is affected by these aspects.

Aspects are forces that give energy to the original meaning of the sign, house, and planet combination. These aspects are benign or explosive, and are called trines, squares or oppositions. He trines are slow motion, but harmonious, while the squares are explosive, and create conflict. Sometimes the violent square results in greater fortune and richer results tha the happy trine.

First House

Second House

Third House

Fourth House

Fifth House

Sixth House

Seventh House

Eighth House

Ninth House

Tenth House

Eleventh House

Twelfth House



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